Watch This Giant Remote Controlled Truck Go Off Roading With No Fear

Who said remote controlled toy cars have to be tiny, fragile or cheap? Apparently “the bigger, the better” applies to RC cars as well. Mammuth Works has introduced a remote controlled pickup truck Rewarron that will free you of all damage worries.

The Rewarron is a giant weighing a solid 375 pounds with a length of 6.5 feet which is a third of the size of a real jeep. The truck does not come cheap but the $5,250 you invest in this beast will be totally worth it.

The RC truck features a working suspension, highly durable  disc brakes, a light bar, and even a pair of spare tires. The sad part is that the truck does not come with a seat to ride along. So you won’t be using it for any daily commute.

Below is a video of the Rewarron in action:

Images: The Awesomer

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