Man Decorates His Jaguar S-Type With 4,600 Colorful Toy Cars

What to do when your Jaguar S-Type is not enough to turn people’s head? Decorate it 4,600 colorful miniature toy Hot Wheels cars of course!

That’s exactly what this Malaysian businessman did, who has been making all the headlines after covering his Jaguar S-Type limousine in thousands of miniature cars and then flaunting it in the Malaysian capital.

Photo: Siti Uraidah Udin/Instagram

The owner is Datuk Seri Mahadi Badrul Zaman, 34-year-old CEO of Financial Genius Group. He says that he has been a Hot Wheels car enthusiast since he was 13, and now is the proud owner of around 5,000 vehicles, 4,600 of which are as an attachment stick with glue to his car.

Photo: Siti Uraidah Udin/Instagram

Mahadi, also known as Mahadi BZ, says he was looking to fix the problem of his toy car collection taking too much space. So he came up with this super idea which not only fixed that problem but also mkes his car stand out from the rest of the boring and mainstream ones.

Photo: Siti Uraidah Udin/Instagram

Although the idea is not very practical for everyone as all that glue must have wrecked havoc on the paint job, and parking the car without supervision is also difficult for the risk of someone yanking off a toy car. Plus cleaning the car is also tough, but hey, there’s no such thing as logic when dealing with the matters of passion.

Watch the car ride in style in the video below!

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