Watch Footage Of Ukrainian Forces Taking Down A Russian Helicopter With A Missile

The Ukraine government broadcast extraordinary footage of a Russian Mi-24 helicopter being shot down by Ukrainian forces with a surface-to-air missile on Saturday, the newest proof of Moscow’s escalating casualties in the battle.

As per sources, Russia has encountered more than anticipated opposition from Ukrainian soldiers armed with Western weapons.

According to accounts, the Ukrainian military opposing the considerably bigger Russian invading force was likely to shoot hundreds of Russian tanks and armored vehicles with a hand-held anti-tank missile given by the US. As his soldiers continued their attack on Ukraine, where scheduled civilian evacuation orders from two surrounded cities were canceled, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared Western sanctions were comparable to war. On the tenth day of a war that has fuelled Europe’s worst humanitarian tragedy in decades, Russia and Ukraine exchanged blame for failing to give safe passage to civilians leaving the two bombed cities. The conflict, which began on February 24 with Russia’s invasion, has resulted in roughly 1.5 million refugees heading westward into the European Union, extraordinary sanctions imposed against Moscow, and forecasts of a worldwide recession.

The video has received a lot of attention on social media. Although it is unknown how the film was obtained, some on Twitter have speculated that it was shot using a drone. The Ukrainians also asserted that their MiG aircraft knocked down at least one Mi-8 helicopter and that their troops shot down six Russian fighters in the sky above the eastern Donbas area, whereas another plane seemed to fall from the skies near the capital.

The United Kingdom claims to be assisting in the “facilitate” delivery of these weapons. Western officials, on the other hand, are not providing specifics on how resources are being delivered. While Russia’s military actions have been centered in eastern Ukraine, the movement of persons and goods from the west of the nation has persisted through adjacent European states.

Nevertheless, the United States and its European allies are trying to boost its weaponry supply to Ukraine. There may be a moment of opportunity before Russia attempts to strike any military supply routes. The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has stated that he has discussed with Poland the possibility of Poland delivering Russian-made Mig fighter planes to the Ukrainian Air Force. Even if that were to materialize, Ukraine would still require skilled pilots to fly them.

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