Russian Troops In Ukraine Are Reportedly Using Wooden Logs To Armor Their Trucks Against Attacks

According to a tweet published on Saturday, Russian armored vehicles traveling unfriendly and dangerous areas in Ukraine have adopted an unusual method of protecting their vehicles in order to proceed in the invasion of Ukraine i.e. by using wood as their defense mechanism. Transport trucks from Russia provide supplies to soldiers on the ground, including more personnel, food, and water. However, the trucks seen in the freshly released images appear to be transporting PMP floating bridge parts.

These are among the Ukrainian troops’ preferred targets since they are critical to hampering Russian activities in their nation. One point is certain that the farther Russian soldiers go into Ukrainian territory, the more convoluted and perilous their supply routes become. Ukrainian forces have even started modifying road markings to confuse invading armies, leading them to chase pursuits and into carefully planned surprise attacks.

This comes as Russian soldiers face losses from Ukrainians who are attacking Russian convoys transiting Ukraine. According to US intelligence sources, Ukrainian soldiers were able to strike and disable some trucks at the front despite Russians successfully shielding the procession from air bombardment. Meanwhile, Russian escort supply routes are apparently being hampered, as seen by aerial photographs showing miles-long traffic congestion of vehicles and armor north of Kyiv. Ukrainian military and citizens were also attempting to repel the assault by destroying street signs in order to mislead Russian forces and trap them into attackers.

Ukrainian sludge is starting to make a significant difference in the winter conditions that are set to give way to springtime rains. Delivery of gasoline, weapons, foodstuffs, and emergency aid has become more difficult and time-consuming, improving the probability of Ukrainian military attacks on these convoys. Only with one shot, a car may be halted. There is no need for an actual military air campaign or the employment of pro weaponry systems. The use of wood as armor proclaims disorder. Everyone seems to be aware that the tree is on fire. You wouldn’t even need a gunshot to destroy the truck’s condenser; simply toss a hand grenade and the problem is addressed.

The tweet included photographs of Russian KAMAZ trucks with many logs carefully placed on their front plates to defend them from approaching assaults. The unique “V” insignia that have joined up with Russian vehicles in the zone are engraved on the wood. The logs were apparently used to insulate the engines of the vehicles from artillery fire and to prevent burning and malfunction. The lorries were claimed to be transporting PMP pontoon bridge parts, which were most likely utilized to construct a footbridge throughout the Pripyat River on the Belarusian side of the Radioactive Evacuation Zone. Aside from the gasoline trucks, the components are considered to be important commodities and are objectives of Ukrainian forces.

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