Watch The First Test Of US Navy’s Electromagnetic Railgun That Can Shoot Targets 100 Miles Away

electromagnetic rail gun

In case you missed it, now the phenomenon of electromagnetism has also been harnessed to create a mean killing machine! Behold, US Navy’s EM Railgun, which is a state of the long-range art weapon capable of firing projectiles using electrical power instead of chemical propellants.

And it’s not some meager shooting power too. The magnetic fields are created using high electrical currents generated by the ship and stored in the pulsed power system. These high electrical currents move a sliding metal conductor or armature and can launch projectiles at 4500 mph, accelerating the projectile up to Mach 6!

The US Navy claims they have achieved a 100+ nautical mile initial capability, and are looking to further build on this. Watch the first shot of the Electromagnetic Railgun conducted by the Office of Naval Research and Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division.

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