China Will Have More Warships Than The US Navy By 2030

America had established itself as a superpower well before the 20th century and even after a couple of world wars; it maintains that status. Other superpowers like Russia and the Great Britain have risen and fallen during these times. The newest and the most expected threat to America’s superpower status is the rising of China in Asia. While the growth of Chinese economy is a major reason, it is certainly not the only one. China is growing, its economy, clean energy sector, and more so its military technology. As the country builds its first ever aircraft carrier and the world’s largest submarine facility, it is expected to surpass the US in the number of five specific types of warships.

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Alex King/Released

At the beginning of this century, Chinese navy held 163 warships, and the number will rise to 260 by 2030. The histogram below shows a comparison of China’s Navy ships with the US including ballistic and attack submarines, small and large ships, and aircraft carriers.

As China grows its warships, the US is expected to move in the opposite direction. It will shrink its collection from 226 warships down to 199 of the same types it had back in 2000.
liaoning (3)
The Liaoning docked at Dalian Port
Source: Business Insider
American influence in the Asian region had dropped significantly, and it is expected to go even lower with China’s growing impact. The country’s powerful economy along with its strengthening military will aid in increasing its influence not just in Asia, but far ahead in India, Middle East, and all the way to East Africa.
The US, however, is far ahead of China when it comes to the number of aircraft carriers. China got its first one, the Liaoning, only recently and has 2 in total but the US has 10 of those while China does not even have foreign land bases that could support the carriers.
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