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Watch How Fuel Explodes Inside This Combustion Engine In Slow Motion

4K combustion engine

You may have learned about the working principle of an engine or the calculations needed to check its efficiency. But if you want to ‘visualize’ how the combustion engine works, we have attached a video below by Warped Perception that you should see.

To ensure visibility of the combustion process, the real head of the engine is replaced by the one made of glass. The video is filmed with Phantom, and it clearly shows the insides of the engine in 4K Slow Motion.

The video shows the engine combust gasoline, alcohol, and acetylene. Watching Acetylene burn and the alcohol clean the inside of the engine completely are some of the coolest things in the video.

Oh and the sounds that the engine makes with the muffler removed? Yeah, you won’t like those in real-time.


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