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Watch A Tesla Owner Summon His Car After Getting Locked Out Of A Parking Garage

A Tesla owner’s resourceful use of the company’s “Smart Summon” feature to retrieve his Model 3 from a closed parking garage has showcased the versatility of this remote control functionality. The Smart Summon feature, designed to move the car to the owner’s location, has found a unique application in this scenario, allowing the owner to regain access to his vehicle.

A Tesla owner based in Vancouver, Jacky Heshi, found himself locked outside a parking garage after it had closed for the night. In a video shared on social media, Heshi demonstrated how he used Tesla’s “Smart Summon” feature to resolve his predicament. With this remote control functionality, he directed his Model 3 to drive itself to his location, effectively pulling it out of the parking garage.

The video also showcased footage recorded by the car’s onboard cameras, capturing the moment when the Model 3 triggered the parking garage’s gate sensor from the inside, granting Heshi access to his vehicle. The unexpected application of the Smart Summon feature highlights its adaptability and usefulness in various real-life situations.

Tesla’s Smart Summon feature had initially generated chaos and controversy when it was introduced in 2019. Some Tesla enthusiasts attempted risky maneuvers, such as having their cars drive towards them, resulting in near-miss accidents. Smart Summon vehicles collided with stationary objects, scraped against garage doors, and even drove into poles within parking structures.

In response to these challenges, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, had announced an “Actually Smart Summon” (ASS) feature. However, this feature has not materialized as promised.

Despite the initial issues, Tesla has continued to refine the Smart Summon feature to align better with the company’s “Full Self-Driving” software. Recent videos have demonstrated improved Smart Summon capabilities, with cars confidently maneuvering in parking lots and safely backing out of parking spaces. Musk had indicated that ASS would be released a month or two after introducing “actually smart auto wiper software.” However, the release of this feature remains pending.

While the summonfeature initially faced challenges, ongoing improvements suggest its potential for practical applications, extending beyond its original purpose.

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