Watch As This Singer Photoshops Herself In Live Music Video

live photoshop

We all know how powerful photoshop can be when it comes to altering still images. We see all sorts of photoshopped images circulating the internet these days in form of different hoaxes and viral pictures. However, editing still pictures is pretty easy and achievable.  We have never come across a video in which the subject is photoshopped in real time, until now. This Hungarian singer created a music video in which she was photoshopped during the course of 4 minutes.
Can you figure out how this video was made? Let us know in comments!


  1. Biggs Buenaflor Reply

    This software IS NOT Photoshop! The video editors just edited the video so that it will look like a video which is being edited.

  2. Eafis Reply

    Hahah pretty nice. but there is something
    If you noticed how the eyes were mirrored at the start. at the very last shot they go back to normal. not sure if thats intended or a mistake 😛

  3. John Reply

    I think the blemishes in the beginning of the video had been added previously and we witnessed them simply deleting fake moles, errant hair, bra straps, etc. I found her pictures and she is either a natural beauty (gorgeous) or every photo on her site is photoshopped. Her name is Boggie and the song is “Nouveau Parfum”.

  4. mossawir Reply

    This is been made via.. multiple shots.. still pictures + Same act multiple plane shots .. multiple singing shots. composting over them after effect/logic pro perfectly…

  5. Jack Reply

    When a video is placed into a photoshop it is split into separate frames. Each frame would had been photo shoped exactly the same with another step added.

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