Common Mistakes That Candidates Make At Job Interviews

mistakes at job interviews

Securing a job has never been more harder than these days. With an every increasing number of graduates and a shrinking job market, every graduate gets to have 2-3 job interviews on average in a year. This makes it even more important to get it right the first time. Graduates make a few common mistakes that prevent them from winning the job. Check out this infographic before you go for your next job interview and avoid these common mistakes.

Common Mistakes At Job Interviews



  1. Ryan Reply

    I’ve only ever been turned down by one employer… I find knowledge of the position applying for, knowledge of the company, being able to read people and relate a big… being the person people like but I find all this boils down to “confidence”.

  2. Jason Hogan Reply

    Great infographic. Very informative and real world advice, I give the same to every candidate I have interview. Great job!

  3. Gopakumar Reply

    Highly informative prsented nicely.

    Please send me such messages regularly.

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