Watch An Army Veteran Using A Bionic Arm To Chop Through Flaming Wooden Boards


It has only been in superhero or sci-fi movies that soldiers have the ability to have bionic body parts that help them unlock superhuman capabilities. However, now, it is possible to have that in real life. 

A new video has come that exhibits a massively durable and resilient bionic hand that enables an army veteran to cut through flaming wooden boards without any injury to his bionic limb. The appendage is made by PSYONIC, a next-generation bionic limb company.

“How strong is a bionic hand? Today we chop shock and drop the PSYONIC Ability Hand to test just how durable this bionic prosthesis really is,” states the video’s description. PSYONIC is developing the most advanced bionic limbs that are accessible to more people than ever. The Ability Hand is lightweight, robust, touch-sensing and covered by medicare,” further notes the description.

The video encompasses all the possible answers to the questions that you might have!


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