Watch An Archer Shoot Seven Arrows Through A 10mm Keyhole

The Danish archer Lars Andersen set a new Guinness World Record and proved himself the master of extreme archery shots once again by shooting seven consecutive arrows through a tiny keyhole (less than 10mm tall) using a traditional ottoman bow, which sounds downright impossible.

Lars Andersen uses a historic style bow without a nock point, arrow rest, or any other bells and whistles as well, doing it all old school. That’s some serious skill. Maybe all those TV shows and movies showing knights taking arrows perfectly through the eyeballs aren’t as inaccurate as we previously thought. Lars Andersen is the only person capable of shooting 10 arrows in just 4.9 seconds. He can shoot arrows that turn in mid-flight and shoot while holding multiple arrows in his draw hand.

Lars Andersen is in his late 50s, but don’t let that fool you. He holds the title of the “world’s fastest archer,” and according to his website, he was the first person in modern times to shoot three arrows in 1.5 seconds. He is very passionate about archery and has amassed a huge YouTube following. Whether he’s firing off quick shots, hitting moving targets on the run, catching arrows shot at him and returning fire with them, splitting his arrows on a blade from a distance, or pulling off a variety of other tricks, Andersen is slowly trying to bring historic archery back from the history books in the face of what he calls “Hollywood archery.”

Andersen is also a painter and writer. He’s only been involved in archery for a little over a decade, but in that time he has practiced extensively in what looks to be an archery gymnasium of sorts.

“Historic archery is a lot of different methods, and much is forgotten,” Andersen writes in his 2015 video. “But archery can be much more than we usually think!”.

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