Watch An Animation That Shows The True Scale Of How Huge Our Solar System Is

An awe-inspiring animation illustrating our solar system has recently been tweeted by the planetary astronomer James O’Donoghue, who currently works for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The effort that he put into this mind-blowing video is just incredible. The animation depicts the dimensions and shapes of different planets and demonstrates how they complete their revolution around the Sun. It would take only 45 seconds to watch this video clip, and he has recommended watching it on Youtube for high resolution and better quality. As of now, the video has caught the attention of about 8 million users, which is unbelievable.

According to him, Jupiter and Saturn are of enormous dimensions and when seen from the perspective of their speed, Jupiter surpasses the Earth in terms of its size as well as its spinning motion. This visual representation of different planets in our solar system gives us some interesting facts about how gigantic our planetary system is and what their physical characteristics are, for instance, their size, length, width, breadth, etc. In the words of James O’Donoghue, Earth is around 12,742 kilometers (7918 miles) in contrast to Jupiter, which is approximately 139,820 km (86,880 miles), a huge planet. If we discuss it specifically in conformity with its characteristics, then it is about 10 times larger than the Earth concerning its diameter.

Scientist's Video Shows Our Solar System's Huge Size

It should be noted that there are always certain restrictions on the aspect ratio of videos that have to be uploaded, and they will only accept those having a specified magnitude and dimensions. For this reason, all the planets shown in the video have been moved closer to each other to make them fit in perfectly. However, the rate at which they spin and their locations are not altered. Moreover, if we talk about the dimensions of the Sun, it is the biggest planet in the solar system. It has a diameter of about 1.39 million km (863,706 miles) around which all the other planets complete their revolutions.

Comparing Objects in our Solar System by Rotation, Size, and More

In comparison to Jupiter, the sun is around 10 times bigger in terms of its distance. On the other hand, if we take the earth in comparison to the sun, then it’s 100 times smaller than the sun, meaning our earth is just like a dot, or maybe smaller than a mere dot in front of the sun. It is said that about one million piles of earth can easily be adjusted inside the Sun. This depicts how microscopic we look in front of the sun.

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