Watch All Four Tesla Models Have A Showdown In This Video

Welcome to yet another wonderful video by “What’s Inside?” The famous YouTube channel is known for its amazing videos ranging from covering what is inside a Rolex to the plane’s black box. The videos are always exceptionally educational and super-entertaining.

Four Tesla Models Having A Showdown!

The duo behind the channel, ‘What’s Inside?’, is comprised of a father and a son. The team always has something incredible up its sleeves and is quite skilled at surprising its audience. However, every once in a while the extraordinary team will divert from taking a look inside things to feature some other amazing stuff on its YouTube channel.

Today’s featured YouTube video by the YouTube channel, ‘What’s Inside?’, is about a Tesla showdown. This is something that you cannot afford to miss at any cost. Dan and Lincoln have managed to bring together an Original Roadster, a Model 3 Performance, a Model S P100D, and a Model X P100D to figure out which one of these Tesla is the fastest.

Four Tesla Models Having A Showdown!

The team placed a camera on the floor to make sure that they were able to watch the race up close and then had the cars do a few practice rounds. The trickiest part of the race – as told by the amazing father-son duo – was to make sure that everyone started at the same time. The team not only included the footage from inside the cars but also included aerial shots. This is most definitely the most exciting Tesla showdown so far!

So, which car was the fastest? Come on; we are not going to tell you that! We will tell you, however, that the fastest car is most definitely not the one that you had in mind. Check out the amazing video below to see which Tesla won the race and do let us know what you think of this amazing video by What’s Inside?!

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