This Giant Millennium Falcon Model Was 3D-Printed In 10 Days

Every other day 3D printers give a new reason for you to consider buying one. Even though they have not been revealed in the new industrial revolution so far. This time-lapse shows that if you have enough patience to wait for 10 days, you can 3D print a replica of the Millennium Falcon, that too in a single go. Usually, when a 3D printed replica as large as 2.3-foot is built, it is assembled from many small 3D-printed parts.

This YouTuber, stonefx83, was not up to assemble various parts to build the Millennium Falcon, so he scaled up Andrew Askedall’s 3D model of the Falcon and let his printer run for almost nine days and 21 hours to print the replica. The printer used over six and a half pounds of plastic filament in the process and surprisingly, it didn’t make any mistakes not even once, which could have required starting the process from the beginning. As a result, the 3D printers created the giant model in a single go.

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