Watch A Lucid Air Take On A Tesla Model S Plaid In A Silent Drag Race

Youtube Channel “Drag Times” shared a video of drag race faceoff between the Lucid Air and Model S Plaid. After a rapid examination of the Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance Version and undergoing a few quarter-mile races, Drag times presented a real scenario in the form of races against Tesla Model S Plaid. The supersedans raced at Hennessey’s facility in Texas without any timing equipment and on an uneven floor.

The video shows a total of four races. These races revealed that the Tesla Model S Plaid holds many advantages over the Lucid Air Dream Edition. The two most powerful all-electric models on the market – Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance with about 1,111 hp, and Tesla Model S Plaid with 1,020 hp that beat the Lucid Air three out of four runs.

In terms of weight, the Lucid Air is heavier than the Tesla Model S Plaid. According to the video, the difference is about 403 lbs, with Lucid Air, weighing 5,236 lbs and Tesla Model S Plaid weighing 4,833 lbs. Moreover, Lucid Air is engineered for highway driving rather than a 0-60 mph car.

Both cars started off with 92 percent charges. In the first round, Tesla Model S Plaid won by finishing the quarter-mile in about 9.83 seconds at 150.59 mph. But in the second run, Lucid Air got ahead by finishing the lap in 10.21 seconds at 125.64 mph. In the second run, Model S Plaid launched without using the Launch Mode. Then in the third run, Model S Plaid finished up in 9.67 seconds at 146.02 mph. There was also a roll race, in which two cars had to start the race with a driving speed of 40 mph on the road. In this case, Tesla won again.

In short, Tesla has proved its right to stand out. As Lucid Air was beaten, the company had previously stated that the car was focused more on luxury and efficiency than speed. In addition to speed, strength, efficiency, and luxury, both cars have their respective advantages.

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