Elon Musk Has Confirmed That The Cybertruck Has Been Delayed For Another Year

Tesla has postponed production of its much-anticipated Cybertruck, with a target launch date of 2023, according to CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday.

The EV manufacturer reported exceptional quarterly sales despite supply chain issues, with 2022 deliveries climbing by more than 50%.

Musk, who unveiled the futuristic vehicle in 2019, previously pushed its production from late 2021 to late 2022. However, Tesla will be ready to unveil the Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster, as well as its humanoid robot, next year, according to him.

“We will not be introducing new vehicle models this year. It would not make any sense because we’ll still be parts constrained,” Musk said.

He said additional products “would then require a bunch of attention and resources on that increased complexity of the additional product, resulting in fewer vehicles actually being delivered this year.”

Musk stated that he aims to create a quarter-million Cybertrucks each year, but that this will take time massive influx of new technologies.

“Batteries will probably not be the limiting factor in Cybertruck production. I worry more about like how do we make the Cybertruck affordable despite having awesome technology,” Musk said.

Musk tweeted on Tuesday that he had been driving the newest Cybertruck prototype around the new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas and that it’s “amazing.”

Tesla has previously delayed the Cybertruck’s manufacturing due to changes in features and functionality in response to rising competition in the electric pickup business. Tesla has yet to join the hugely profitable pickup truck market, which is presently dominated by fuel-guzzling vehicles from US automakers.

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