Watch A Huge, Fiery Crash At The Drag Racer World Cup Finals

Many people firmly believe drag racing is relatively safe. After all, it only involves flooring the throttle and keeping the car in a straight line, but don’t be confused; drag racing is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Not only is the risk of getting airborne during a race always present, but some cars are just so fast and so extreme that they blow up. Except for jet-powered cars, NHRA Funny Cars are pretty much as fast as they come, and in a good run, they can complete the quarter-mile in less than 5 seconds. No, your eyes are not deceiving you; that is more than twice as fast as the incredible Bugatti Veyron, so hopefully, you now understand how dangerous the sport is.

A horrific incident took place on Friday during the 2022 drag racing world cup finals. Two drag racers walked away from a horrific accident. This happened during the third qualifying session in the X275 vs. Hot Rod category. According to the FloRacing video, Bill Colson and David Farlow had a normal beginning to the race, but nearing the half-track, the gold car driven by Farlow began to lose control and crossed the center line. Farlow then crashed into the driver’s side of the white car as the hood of the gold car appeared to come off.

As the gold car crashed into the wall, the white car went onto its roof and began to slide down the track. The gold car is seen bouncing out of control behind the white car that’s on its roof. Seconds later, the gold car crashes into the wall, and a huge fireball can be seen from the impact.
The gold car then begins to roll several times and eventually comes to a stop with its driver’s side door touching the drag strip. Thankfully, both drivers remained safe after the harrowing accident.

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