Watch A Cybertruck Struggling To Drive Up A Dirt Road

Some recent videos on the internet suggest that Tesla’s Cybertruck may not be great for off-roading. These videos were originally shared on Instagram and later on Twitter by a Tesla fan account. In these videos, a Cybertruck faced challenges while driving on rough terrain, struggling to climb steep slopes and make turns on sandy ground.

Elon Musk has marketed the Cybertruck as a rugged and durable electric pickup truck, even offering options for bulletproof features like a stainless-steel exterior and fixed bulletproof glass windows, making it seem suitable for a post-apocalyptic world.

One of the videos shows a Cybertruck’s wheels spinning and tires screeching as it attempts to climb a dirt hill. It eventually makes it up after some difficulty. In another video, a 1946 Jeep CJ-2A effortlessly navigates the same hill, contrasting with the Cybertruck’s struggle.

The reshared clips received a lot of attention on social media. In one video, a woman questions if the Cybertruck is even working properly, and the caption mentions that three Cybertrucks were tested at Hollister Hills in California, where onlookers demonstrated how to handle off-roading with a Jeep.

Another video shows a different Cybertruck trying to climb the hill but doesn’t show if it succeeded or not.

These off-road tests were likely conducted as part of preparations for the Cybertruck’s release, with a delivery event scheduled for November 30. It’s not the first time people have seen the Cybertruck struggling with challenging terrain; there was a previous incident where it appeared to be stuck in mud in Texas.

While Tesla has not commented on these videos, Elon Musk has stated that the Cybertruck is designed to be tough. An automotive expert also pointed out that it’s not fair to judge a vehicle based on a prototype, especially one that undergoes rigorous testing. Musk recently confirmed that the Cybertruck can raise its ride height to overcome obstacles during an interview.

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