Watch A Car Take On The World’s Strongest Trampoline

Have you ever considered the potential strength of the world’s strongest trampoline? Is it strong enough to sustain a car bounce from 150 feet? Because this is such a heavy load for any trampoline, the initial effect of the car has the ability to shatter practically everything it falls on.

Mark Rober was tasked with designing a trampoline that could survive anything tossed at it, even from a trillion feet in the air.

We could claim that the YouTuber was eager to join the project after working for NASA for nine years on the Curiosity rover at Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

After creating it in CAD and running it through dynamic analysis, the team decided on a model to actually build it. Although it can be summarised in a single sentence, it is a fascinating process to watch and think about.

Moreover, cheers to all mechanical engineers! The loop of developing something in CAD and examining the results to determine how it would work in our world using numbers and equations is depicted in this video.

After all, such experiments have little or no practical utility. However, this gigantic trampoline construction demonstrates the capabilities of modern mechanical engineering, which is impressive.

Furthermore, while we may not have actual flying cars by 2020, aren’t we getting close?

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