This New Flashlight By Rony Shines A Beam Out Of Both Ends

While most flashlights are capable of lighting the path in front of the user, they do not illuminate the ground between that person and anyone who may be following them. That’s where the Rony, a Polish-designed vehicle with both front and back beams, comes in, read the latest latest New Atlas report on the new Rony Flashlight.

The Rony has a front Cree LED lamp that shines straight ahead and a rear Biom LED lamp that is tilted downward, making it look almost like a work of modern art. The front light can be changed to one of five brightness levels ranging from 20 to 1,500 lumens with a touch of a touch-sensitive button; the back light is fixed at 300 lumens.

Courtesy: Rony

While the front beam is sharply concentrated, the back beam is diffused to illuminate the ground behind the user more evenly. When not in use, the back LED can be turned off.

The Rony is IP67 waterproof (it can be immersed for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter/3.3 feet) and is powered by a 4,200-mAh lithium battery. One 3-hour USB charge is touted to provide runtimes comparable to those of other high-end flashlights — at its lowest power setting, it should last 40 hours.

The Rony may also be used as a bicycle headlight thanks to the accompanying handlebar mount. Its creators believe that in this position, the rear LED illuminates the road surrounding and behind the bike, making the rider more apparent to traffic.

If you’re interested, the Rony flashlight is presently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. If it makes it to production, a €55 ($62) pledge will get you a brushed aluminum model, €59 ($66) will get you a black anodized aluminum model, and €76 ($86) would get you a carbon fiber variant. Their retail prices are expected to be €80, €95, and €114 ($91, $108, and $129), respectively. In the video below, you can see the Rony in use.

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