WATCH: 75-Year-Old Veteran Racer Cheats Death In 302 MPH Speeding Car Crash

Legendary drag car racer John Force experienced a terrifying incident on Sunday night while competing against Terry Hadcock. At almost 302 miles per hour, he was the first to cross the finish line, but his car caught fire just after the finish line and collided with many safety barriers. Despite being known as a “funny car,” drag racing is a dangerous and serious sport. With an engine producing 11,000 horsepower, Force’s vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour (0 to 100 km/h) in under one second and reach 330 miles per hour (531 km/h) in four seconds.

Even though it looks like a regular car, the funny car is very different. It has a nitromethane-fueled V8 engine with a capacity of about 8,200 cubic centimeters (cc), a carbon fiber body covering the chassis and engine, and frequently breaks apart at high speeds.

Force’s funny car’s engine caught fire, sending it skidding toward the right-side barrier wall, as seen in the crash video. Force tried to swerve away, but the car caught fire underneath, and he lost control. After crashing into the left-side wall and losing several pieces, the car finally stopped in the middle of the lane.

Force was able to escape the incident because the roll cage and cockpit of the vehicle had remained in place despite the severe impact and flames. When the paramedics arrived, he was alert and talking with them. Force’s personnel on X confirmed that he was promptly transported to a local medical facility.

Force had experienced catastrophic engine failures before. 2018, a similar incident occurred, sending both Force and his opponent to the hospital. On that occasion, Force was discharged later the same night. However, his team, John Force Racing, has not disclosed the extent of his injuries this time, although media reports indicate he remains in intensive care.

75-year-old Veteran Racer Cheats Death In 302 MPH Speeding Car Crash

With 157 career victories, drag racing circuit legend John Force, 75, remains a dominant force as the owner and racer of John Force Racing (JFR). He was born in California and has 16 NHRA victories, with no intention of retiring. He was racing in the Virginia event, demonstrating his passion for the sport even after the incident.

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