Tesla Has Recalled Every Single Cybertruck Once Again

You remember the gigantic windshield wiper on the Tesla Cybertruck? The one that looked so large it seemed impossible for it to function properly without failing? Turns out, your skepticism was warranted. Tesla is now recalling more than 11,000 Cybertrucks because of a problem with that very windshield wiper. The recall affects all 2024 Cybertruck models produced between November 13, 2023 and June 6, 2024— which is practically every vehicle since they started deliveries in November 2013. Tesla’s recall extends to over 11,000 Cybertrucks specifically due to issues related to that seemingly oversized piece of equipment: the windshield wiper.

The recall report informs that the front windshield wiper motor controller on certain vehicles can cease to function because of electrical overstress effecting the gate driver component. The failure of a front windshield wiper in some operating conditions to clear off rain can significantly impede visibility, further exacerbating the already present dangers of crashing your vehicle due to not seeing an obstacle or another car. However, Tesla has no information regarding any collisions, injuries, or deaths associated with this concern and is not aware of any such cases. Those owning Cybertrucks will have to physically make their way down to a Tesla service center where they shall be required to have the front windshield wiper motor replaced.

The Cybertruck’s oversized windshield wiper gained notoriety even before the vehicle’s launch, with spy shots highlighting its unusually large size. Tesla CEO Elon Musk acknowledged the wiper was a significant challenge in the car’s development, noting there was “no easy solution” for it. Though the chatter about the wiper subsided after the car’s launch, its troublemaking days are far from over.

In addition to the wiper issue, Tesla also issued another recall for a trim piece along the truck bed that can come loose and fall off. This part will also need to be replaced or re-attached to avoid it detaching from the vehicle.

This is not the Cybertruck’s first recall rodeo. In April 2024, the company recalled all sold Cybertrucks due to accelerator pad issues. Unlike many of Tesla’s other recalls, often resolved with a software update, these Cybertruck recalls necessitate a visit to a service center. To date, Tesla has issued four Cybertruck recalls since the vehicle went on sale.

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