Want To Put Out A Fire? Throw This Fire Extinguisher Into The Fire

Throwable fire extinguisher

Man, this is innovative! This Japanese innovation can be thrown straight into the fire to extinguish it with the help of the anti-flame liquid present inside it.

The contraption can be thrown like a grenade into the fire. This technique allows the fire-extinguishers to forgo the necessity of venturing into or in close vicinity of the fire to stop it. I think the idea came from the concept of the petrol bombs that are used by mobs and protestors to light a fire on buildings and vehicles.


Throwable fire extinguisher2

The liquid inside the fire extinguisher is composed of a light mixture of Carbon dioxide and Ammonia gas that can snuff out any flames it can reach. The can itself is made of fragile plastic so that it can break at contact and save us from an impending disaster. But, there is a limitation to its utility as huge roaring fires will be difficult to put out with the help of this extinguisher.

According to the inventors:

When ampoule is thrown at the fires the chemical will disperse over the burning area. At the same time, the extinguishing chemicals would generate ammonium gas. Water evaporation would cool down the temperature of combustibles (cooling effectiveness) while ammonium gas would create a fire retardation effect that restrains the burning chain reaction. At the same time, one of the main ingredients for SAT119 and carbon dioxide produced by heat would suffocate oxygen and restrain combustibles from burning (cutting oxygen)”

Watch the complete video below depicting the gadget in action:



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