This New Wallet Equipped With Alarm, GPS Tracker, And Security Camera Is The World’s Most Secure

Wallets are amazing at organizing your money and keeping your cards organized safely in one place. If you lose your wallet, be prepared for a complete disaster for a while when you run around with no ID or license, money, or credit cards or anything. That is only the worst of scenarios; you could lose your wallet as it sneaks under the stuffy cushions of your sofa. You would dream of having a wallet that you could just ring to find, just like you do with your phone. This is where trackable wallets come in the picture.

Volterman, An Armenian startup, is a genie that heard all your wishes and came up with an extremely secure wallet complete with a GPS tracker, front facing cameras, and even an Alarm.

Image: Volterman

The Volterman Smart Wallet is like a smartphone excluding the screen. It comes with a power bank, alarm system, RFID protection, WiFi hotspot capabilities, and 512MB of RAM. The simple looking leather wallet will take pictures of anyone who tries to open the wallet and send them to you. You just pair your smart one with your phone, and the distance-sensitive alarm system will notify you every time you leave it behind. The wallet will also notify you whenever you leave your phone behind. The smart buddies in your pocket have each other’s back, at all times.

Image: Volterman

If all of that does not fulfill your security needs, there is also the GPS tracker that will locate your wallet anywhere in the world. Your credit cards are safe with the Volterman as the RFID system prevents the electronic pick-pocketing or RFID skimming. Thieves can clone the RFID chips on your passports, cards, and driver licenses but with the Volterman Smart Wallet, that is never a threat.

All of these security capabilities can not just power themselves, so your high-tech Volterman even has a power bank with capacity ranging between 2,000mAh to 5,000mAh, that will let you wirelessly charge your phone on the go. Bluetooth 5.0 tech and built in WiFi Hotspot provides roaming service in 98 countries, at much lower prices than standard roaming.

Image: Volterman

When your Volterman goes into the lost mode, it will take pictures of any person who tries to open it and connects to the internet to share them with the owner. The camera feature is optional so you can keep low on the accessories if that is an overkill for you.

The IndieGoGo campaign for the Volterman Smart Wallet has already achieved more than 188 times its original funding goal of $45,000, and there is still a week of the campaign remaining. If you chose to back the campaign on IndieGoGo, you could get a 38% off on the $238 market price.

The promo video may not be the most serious of all, but the high tech gadget sure is.

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