GoSun Solar Grill Can Cook Your Food Using Sunlight, Even At Night

You are having a nice little barbecue party in your backyard, but you forgot to get that propane tank refilled, and now you are left high and dry with those nice and juicy steaks that are surely going to end up in the dustbin now. What a shame!

We promise you would never have this problem if you buy the GoSun grill!

The GoSun Grill is the latest energy efficient and eco-friendly way to hold those backyard barbecue parties. The designers claim that their design can cook faster and fry or grill enough food for eight people at a time while solely working on solar power during the day. It also uses power stored in a thermal battery add-on pack and can even work at night or on a cloudy day!

Image Source: GoSunStove

As there is no fuel involved, so there is no fear of burning down the house if you leave those hot dogs on this stove for too long. Transporting it is also quite effortless, and you can take it to the deck, any park, or even the beach.

The superior technology of GoSun cooks the food evenly while keeping the moisture to ensure a juicy steak for your family.

Image Source: GoSunStove

The device uses a solar vacuum tube which is almost a perfect insulator. Sunlight is “trapped” by the tube using parabolic reflectors to maximize its efficiency by converting about 80% of the light into useable heat. The heat inside the tube is the same as that of a domestic oven, which means it can build up to around 288 degrees centigrade.

Image Source: GoSunStove

You can cook anything according to the tube size, which comes in three different versions. The company also provides a set of useful recipes that are well suited for the grill, which includes lasagne, chicken pot pie, open-faced omelets, and special dishes like “Solar powered Pumpkin Scones.”

Image Source: GoSunStove

You can learn more about the product in the video below!

Pretty impressive! Isn’t it?

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