Watch What Happens To An iPhone 7 When Molten Rubber Is Poured Over It


With the release of the new iPhone, crazy videos and experiments testing the “durability” of the phone also pop up like crazy.

TechRax, a YouTube channel has been known to have an obsession with wrecking iPhone for the sake of his videos. He is the same guy who has been seen dropping the iPhone 7 Plus from the world’s tallest building and also dropping the iPhone 6s in hot lava.  And yes, he is the same guy who surprisingly “tricked” many people into drilling a “headphone jack” into the iPhone 7. And continuing the legacy, this time, he is seen doing equally bizarre.
In his latest video, TechRax heats up liquid rubber and then pours it all over a brand new iPhone 7 still in its original box. He allows the liquid to cool down and harden. And tries to retrieve and finally use the iPhone after five hours of this punishment. A very realistic scenario of course. So did the iPhone survive the brutal treatment? You’ll have to watch the video yourself to find out! A direct message to TechRax, this was a crazy stunt indeed, but not crazy enough by your standards. What would really set you apart is doing the same with a Note7! Let’s see how that goes for you.

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