Google’s New Website Lets You Play With Its Experimental AI Projects


Get ready to get your hands on your first ever interaction with Artificial Intelligence. In a bid to make AI more accessible to people who don’t like to parse academic papers, Google has opened a new website this Tuesday called A.I. Experiments. The website will entail many artificial intelligence research cases done by Google through easy to use web apps which will help everyone get a sense of what the technology is.

So you can visit the website and use a software that guesses what you are drawing, a camera app that can tell what you are putting in front of it, and a music app which can play “duets” with you just like a human.

One of the projects called “Quick, Draw!” is a game where you are told to draw a certain thing at first, like a ceiling fan or a bat or a bicycle, and then the software tries to guess what you are drawing.

Another experiment titled A.I. Duet, tries to mimic some musical notes that you played using your keyboard to play a few of its own and try to create some sensible music.


Giorgio Cam shows off Google’s AI vision technology, as it aims to identify the object you place in front of your camera, and then turns them into some lyrics of a song.

Another AI software called the Thing Translator utilises the Google Translate tech translates objects you point to in different languages.


And if you are interested in understanding how the magic happens, you can go and dig into Google’s posted code for nearly all of the AI projects A.I. on Github. They are also taking submissions from talented developers who used Google’s tech to create similar applications.

Have you tried these A.I. apps? What are your thoughts on it?

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