Visitors Can Walk Through This New ‘Hands of God’ Pedestrian Bridge In Vietnam

bridge Ba Na hills

The concrete hands which stretch through Vietnam’s Golden Bridge, near the Ba Na hills in Vietnam give a stunning sight to the visitors. The principal designer, Vu Viet Anh, planned to provide the sensation of walking along a thread stretching through the hands of God. The bridge was designed by Ho Chi Minh based Landscape Architectural firm, the Cau Vang, which means the golden bridge. It is already a popular tourist destination and attracts several tourists from all over the world. Ba Na Hills is a resort which was built by French colonists in 1919.

The hills have the longest single-track cable car in the world which is a replica of the medieval French village with a faux castle, a wax museum, and Thien Thai garden through which the bridge is extending. It is a 490-foot-long bridge with eight section pedestrian walkway. The bridge brings visitors from purple chrysanthemums on one side and 4600 feet above the sea level cable car and hill country on the other side.

By creating the pair of hands, the creator of the bridge has tried to give a sense of history, in contrast with the modern and golden thread which goes through the stone. The designers are also planning to create another bridge. This one will be a silver strand of God’s hair to connect with the already existing areas through the hills.

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