Viral TikTok ‘Hack’ Shows How You Can Turn AAA Batteries Into AA Batteries Using Only Tinfoil

On TikTok, a hack that demonstrates how to utilize AAA batteries instead of AA batteries has gained popularity. According to the platform’s inventors, running out of AA batteries does not always mean you can’t use your favorite devices. You may build a temporary fix with one easy, common household item and continue to use your gaming console, TV remote, or other devices that require electricity

Gamers understand the horrible feeling that comes when you’re deep into a pro club session and your controller battery, along with your soul, dies. You’re scrambling around the house for AA batteries, but all you have are the AAAs in your TV remote. The stores are closed, everyone is in bed, and your friends have won their divisional game without you. If you are unable to get a new pair in time, there is one short-term solution that people are only now becoming aware of because of a TikTok hack. When using a controller that requires AA batteries, you can temporarily substitute AAAs,

Among those who have shared videos about the hack is TikTok user @momboss_girlboss. She uploaded a video showing how she squeezed a tiny AAA unit inside a game controller that takes larger AA batteries.

The TikTok user scrunches a little piece of tinfoil into a ball. She then inserts it into one of the battery compartments. With the foil taking up space in the compartment, the smaller battery now fits, and she demonstrates how to install it. She demonstrates the controller working again after completing the hack and inserting the AAA battery and foil. Viewers were taken aback by the hack and indicated that they were unaware of it until they saw the video.

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