Use Everyday Stuff Lying Around Your House To Get Out Of These Situations


You never know when an emergency might arise. Instead of panicking, you can simply take a good look at the items around you and you will most definitely find a solution. We will take a look at some of the everyday stuff lying around the house that can be used to get out of tricky situations.

Bottle Broom:

You can use your empty soda bottles and convert them into an efficient broom which can come in really handy at times.

Seat Belts:

The wood lasts longer than the material of the seats. You can simply use belts in such a situation to fix your problems.

(Source: life hacker)

Sting Remover:

One use of a credit card that you might have never imagined is that it can be used to remove a bee sting. Grab your credit card and scrape it against the skin toward the stinger. The stinger will catch on the edge of the credit card and will be lifted away out of the skin.

(Source: wikiHow)

Fire Starter:

Cotton balls dabbed with a small amount of petroleum jelly can help you get your fire roaring within seconds.

Business Dress: 

Out of clothes for a night out? No need to worry. Simply turn a business shirt into a super cute dress that will definitely impress.

Jar Opener:

Duct tape is found in almost all households and is used excessively. However, it can also be used to open jars.

Fire Extinguisher:

Adding water to a kitchen grease fire can cause it to spread. This is where baking soda comes in handy.

The Coke Cleaner:

Coca-Cola is a very famous drink and is preferred by many households. It is also a very good cleaner and if you soak a metal in it overnight, it is as good as new the next morning.

Toilet Cleaner:

The uses of coke do not end there and it is a very good toilet cleaner as well.

(Source: Life hacker)

The Pesticide Cola:

The uses of Coca-Cola keep on going and the drink will be a solution to your bug problems. Just pour it into a spray bottle and go at them.

(Source: Life hacker)

Let us know what you think about these alternative uses of everyday stuff. If you have some suggestions to add to the list, let us know in the comments.


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