How To Stream Your Gameplay Or Webcast.

Wondering how to record live streaming video? Webcasting and gameplay streaming is the trend these days. These are the steps you need to follow if you want to stream something.

Step 1: Find a good desktop capture software.

Most of us don’t know how the streamers out their record their gameplay or webcast. They use some tools which help them to record their screen like ex. Movavi Screen Recorder.

Movavi Screen Recorder is a PC software which allows you to record and stream your play.


Step 2: Know about your software.

First and the foremost thing is to set your software to record your screen. Know the quality of video, export rate of the video ‘etc’.

As most of the recorder software have the different image and video capture option, so make sure that you select the right one while recording your screenplay. And also know your audio parameters.


Step 3: Record your gameplay.

Now select the video capture option to start your screen recording.


Step 4: Convert your video

Many streamers have this problem once they finish there recording they actually don’t know whether their video is live is a gif or video. So there is an option known as “convert” it allows you to convert your video to mp3, gif, mp4, 3gp, HD etc. Select a right option and now your video is ready to rock.


As per the software named as Movavi Screen Recorder. It allows you to do everything which it can.


1) Easy installation

2) Set your parameters(audio, video)

3) Record and stream at the same time.

4) Export your videos without watermark.


Movavi is one of the best tools to stream videos. Check how to record live streaming video with Movavi.

Before starting, select the capture area option and select the area that needs to be captured. And select ok. Most of us don’t set parameters which is very important. Also make sure that the audio recorder is working. Best way to record the audio is to use the microphone option available in the software.

Set the “alarm clock” to start and stop the livestream automatically. And click the “Rec” option to start livestream. You can also preview the gameplay by “preview window” and trim the unwanted parts.

Once your video is now on live stream, you can either save it your PC or delete it. It is easy to save livestream gameplay. Usually, livestream is used by the gamers, news reports. Live streaming in youtube is popular because you have a chance to earn money by streaming in youtube. Youtube is a good stage of live streaming performance.

Start live streaming now with Movavi!

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