Use This Brilliant Trick To Get In When You Are Locked Out Of Your Car

Getting locked out of your own car is really frustrating and be a really painful. We have to go and find a spare key or call a locksmith and resort to breaking the window.

(Source: Mr Speedy Locksmith Sioux Falls SD)

There is a way to get back inside your car without breaking the window but you need to plan ahead for that in case a situation like this ever arises.

(Source: Boredom Therapy)

First, you’ll need a tennis ball and cut or burn a small hole in it as shown below.

(Source: Boredom Therapy)

Next, you need to hold the ball between your thumb and index fingers and place the hole on the lock such that it covers the lock completely.

(Source: Boredom Therapy)

The final step is to push as hard as you can on the tennis ball, blowing pressure into the lock. This might not work at first so try to readjust the position of the ball on the lock and try again.

(Source: Boredom Therapy)

You can watch the magic happen in the video below:

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  1. Jaime Da Silva Reply

    This is total BS. FIrst of all, it does not work. I have tried this and even went to far as to use a compressed air hose in case the tennis ball wasn’t powerful enough. Who is going to carry around a ruined tennis ball on the off0chance they lock themselves out og their car? For decades, I have carred s spare key in a magnetic box concealed on the car where it is not easily found but accessible without tools. That is far more practical than half-brained scams like this.

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