USAF Giving $2 Billion To Raytheon For Making Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles

Any target within the range of 2400 kilometres (1500 miles) will face the wrath of this LSRO missile.

Raytheon has been tasked to design and develop the LSRO (Long-Range Standoff) weapon system. A whopping sum of 2 billion $ has been handed over to the firm by Pentagon for the needful. The resulting missiles will be nuclear-capable and be used by USAF.

The induction of these nuclear-capable LSROs will see the AGM86 cruise missile bite the dust. The AGM86 missiles will be shelved, which have served the USAF faithfully since 1986. Raytheon contract will overlook the up-gradation of the nuclear arsenal of the US armed forces.   


The up-gradation will cost a sum of 1.2 trillion to the American taxpayers, which some think is unnecessary. However, defence analysts in the US say that the development is mandatory after North Korea revealed the world’s biggest ever intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

B-52, B-2 Spirit, and the B-21 Long Range Striker Bomber will be equipped with the Raytheon-developed cruise missile system. The up-gradation of LSROs is no routine up-gradation. It requires all certifications from the onset. These weapon systems will take on any target within the range of 1500 miles.

Raytheon was handed over the missile development contract last year much earlier than the expected timeline of 2022. Instead, Instead, Lockheed and Martin were given contracts for developing the weapon system in 2017.

The missile system’s capabilities will be put on display in 2027. After the demonstration, it would be decided if the weapon system must be put up for mass production. However, if things turn out positive for Pentagon and everything happens according to the plans, the USAF will order up to 1000 LSROs making it even deadlier than it already is.

Raytheon enjoys a good reputation when it comes to developing top of line missile systems as they were behind the SM-6. The SM-6 is capable of dealing deadly blows in the domains of anti-air, anti-surface and ballistic defence.  

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