The Pentagon’s New Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Is Launching In 2023


The world is moving at a faster pace than we have known before. The developments and innovations being introduced every day are too many to count and too smart to be understood by laymen. In every aspect, the world is going ahead and making progress at an exponential rate. Similarly, the military is one of the top priorities across the world for almost every country. They need to protect and defend themselves as the struggle for resources will soon get complicated and intense among countries. This is why most countries allocate the biggest proportion of their budget to defense.

The U.S is one of those countries that have a primary focus on the military. They assert their dominance and establish authority by developing modern and state-of-the-art weaponry that is unmatched and unparallel, so they have an edge over other countries. Recently, a new development in the sector has left the world a little baffled and worried at the same time.

This innovation is called The Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) missile which is an intercontinental ballistic missile. This will be the descendent of THE Minuteman III which is currently the most modern missile the Pentagon possesses. The main functionality that sets it apart from other nuclear weapons is that it can reach any point of earth within minutes and successfully complete the mission it is fired for.

The design is made to be a creative and scientific masterpiece. The team that designed and built this missile tested 6 billion configurations and settings of the model before deciding on the final one. Modern software of digital engineering techniques and processes have been used in its development and after a thorough and intense process, this design was finalized. The first flight is expected to be in 2023 at Vandenberg Air Force Base.


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