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Urban Skyfarm – A Living Skyscraper that Will Grow It’s Own Food and Clean Air & Water for Inhabitants

Aprilli Design Studio speculates that the world’s population will increase by 3 billion by the year 2050 and this means that the current cities will be over-housed with a lot of mouths to feed and provide basic necessities. In short; the system would crash, no doubt, due to overloading. The solution also comes from the same design studio in the form of vertical gardens which will provide food along with greenery inside the city.

The idea is to install such structures inside cities where they will purify the air, clean local water and shall produce energy that is renewable. The idea is quite mesmerizing (think living in Lothlorien). The project, known as Urban Skyfarm, is a 525’ skyscraper which is basically a living thing that will be capable of housing above 1.5 million sq. ft. of common space.

The structure will also include pathways and high-flying sky-bridges which will allow the visitors to move around the gardens, orchards and the hydroponic decks. On the lower level, the design caters for the farmers’ markets and processing plants while also placing water recycling facilities among them. On the top, the Urban Skyfarm shall house 34,445 sq. ft. for solar panels and wind turbines. These measures will make production of food and energy possible and the Urban Skyfarm will become self sustaining.