The Most Fascinating Designs From The 2021 eVolo Skyscraper Competition

Conceived in 2006, the eVolo Award aims to bring some of the most innovatively designed building ideas to the world, some of which make us wish that the design turns to reality at the first glance.

The eVolo awards recognize “Visionary ideas that through the novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations, challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments,” says eVolo Magazine.

The eVolo platform brings together the most thought-provoking designs from artists across the globe. The jury then selects the wildest ideas from hundreds of applications, an idea of which can be taken from having a look at the work of the winners and the final honorable mentions.

For the 2021 Skyscraper Competition, eVolo magazine announced 3 award winners and 20 projects that made to the honorable mentions’ from a total of 492 received projects.

The project involving the idea of using genetically modified trees to create a sustainable skyscraper called the “The Living Skyscraper for New York City” won the first 2021 eVolo Skyscraper Competition Award. The project was made by a team comprising of eight members and their idea behind the tree-based tower would make use of several genetically modified hardwood deciduous trees which would take nutrients from specially prepared soil for a paced-up growth.

The second award winner of the 2021 eVolo magazine was the project involving the idea of a water-collecting tower that would hydrate Mexico City. The idea seems like a long thought as it brings along some solution to ever-sinking Mexico City. The project built by Israel’s artists includes a water tower with a rainwater canopy, that is not only collecting the rainwater to then supply it through a proper channel, but is also securing the surrounding places that are prone to flood damages.

The winner of the third award was the Hmong Skyscraper. Designed by Chinese artists, it envisions a new form of housing that’s inspired by the culture and architecture of the Hmong people. The stilt houses in the high-rise towers would serve as homes for a new modern community. The design is such that it could expand with more residents moving in. The design, if ever lives to become reality would allow for a home-like feel, even with the growing size of the development. Some of my favorite picks from the honorable mentions are listed below.

Some of the favorite picks from the honorable mention list

Designed by artists from Sweden, the skyscraper as a vertical continuation of Urban Space was one listed in the honorable mentions. Up in the Squair proposes an idea to use spaces derived from elements found in historic city centers.

The Sponge Skyscraper designed by South Korean artists brings along the idea of collecting rainwater for drinking and farming in Africa. The idea is one to resolve Africa’s long-held water crisis, as the area floods when it rains and otherwise faces a mass shortage of water. The Sponge Skyscraper would act as a means to channelize Africa’s water recourse to aid the people of the area when in need.

Taking inspiration from thousands of years old construction, the Pyramid Skyscraper aims to offer an alternative to the architects of the past. The design would offer the residents shelter from the sun, and the air ventilation would feel as good as an air-conditioner.

The Printscraper by Chinese artists is an idea of a mobile operating table in the city, which would aid in rebuilding and repairing structures, as perceived.

The Mood Catcher Skyscraper designed to treat mental disorders during the Pandemic by playing its part as an activity center. Many a factor combined have harmed mental health of humans, and that situation is worsening aided by the pandemic. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 brings along a huge challenge to world health, not only physically, but also mentally and psychologically. The Mood Catcher comes with an idea of making the mentally ill feel inclusive by sharing the newly felt thought-processes, a center that would treat emotional issues, and bring down the levels of stress developed in individuals in the course of the pandemic and isolated living.

The Pilgrim Skyscraper project aims at bringing knowledge to the most remote places on earth. There are approximately 700 million people in the world who cannot read or write their own name, catering to that concern, the Pilgrim Skyscraper comes in three stages. Development of education centers in assembly towers, transporting the infrastructure to desired places, or places with low education levels using flying modules, and finally developing the educational centers for everyone to have an opportunity, a choice to learn.

The Urban Links brings the innovative idea of habitable bridges constructed over existing cities.

This Skyscraper idea is also designed by Chinese artists and falls in the list of honorable mentions. The ice-making structure for the arctic ocean would fight the impacts of long-term global warming in the arctic region.

eVolo is the design journal focused on sustainability, technological advancements, and innovative designs for the 21st century. The competition comes with an aim to bring together and promote new ideas in architecture to explore the reality and future of design in line with trending topics, events, and projects. Ever since the conceiving of the idea, it has brought us with amazing designs that are well thought, most of which aim at catering as a solution to some prevalent issues.

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