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Upload Your Selfie And This New Website Will Calculate How Attractive You Are

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Even though that is a universal truth as standards change from place to place, many people don’t actually know where they rank on the conventional beauty index. Some of us are too conceited while others are full of inferiority complex regarding our looks. We don’t have to care what the other people think of our appearance, but we can tolerate the neutral opinion of an algorithm to find it out. This is exactly what Computer Vision Laboratory and BLINQ dating app guys combined to make, as Face, their new project, is able to guess age and gender from a photograph and give people an attractiveness rating.

There are average ratings like “hmm” and “ok” to “stunning”. Although the website doesn’t actually operate on scientific principles, we can still look at it with fun and respect its neutral opinion on looks just for the sport of it. Here is how it works:

First you need to upload your picture to the website.

But even before that, you need to understand that the site exists just for fun, and it is not meant to be taken seriously at all. Treat it like a random jester.

Now select the photo you want to have analyzed.

The whole calculation takes some minutes to reach a conclusion.

This is a screen grab of a 23-year old girl. The website shows 23, so I guess it is okay. One year less is fine. One year more and it would have had its share of criticism.

The website rated her “ok” looking which is close to what seems in reality.

Donald Trumpness was also rated okay. I do not know whether it is flattery or concern for the young girl as his looks and politics depend on where you come from.

Emma Stone got a hot rating as expected.

Oscar Isaac of Star Wars also got a “Hot” rating.

Vladimir Putin got a “nice rating” but it also guessed he was 39 when in reality he is like 60. Russians!

Pope Francis turns out to be just “ok” as well.

Taylor Swift bagged a “stunning ” rating.

Lionardo Di Caprio came out to be hot but also 33-year old which isn’t true as he is 40-plus.

So, all in all, a fun way to enjoy “mirror mirror on the wall”. Just don’t get jealous like the queen…..

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