This South Korean YouTuber Is Actually A Deepfake And Not A Real Person

In today’s world, many news anchors and Instagram influencers are controlled using Digital Artificial Intelligence. The use of the Deepfake and AI tools is becoming common over time. More people use the tech to beautify their facial features to gain fan following and popularity, resulting in gaining monetarily.

RuiCovery, the famous Korean Youtuber, recently went viral when she revealed herself as a ‘Virtual human.’ Meaning that everything about Rui is real, her hair, body, voice. It’s only that her face is digitally rendered using deepfake technology.

Her revelation came out as a shock for her fans, who never noticed anything other than natural in Rui’s face, many of which stated feeling cheated by Rui. This shows how perfectly these technologies design a human face that no one can identify if it’s real or not.

The news went viral on Asian social media platforms a month ago, when Rui made a Youtube video revealing her secret to her online followers. In the video, she was open about why she used Deepfake technology. She said an attractive face makes for a huge fan following and popularity. Rui said doing this multiplied her chances of being successful on online platforms.

Beauty is liked everywhere, in all parts of the world. However, South Koreans are an exception in this regard. They not only like beauty, but they are also obsessed with pretty facial features. South Koreans are already famous for their perfect and on-point features. The country is also rated at the top in cosmetics, and the respective industry is seeing its highs for a couple of years now.

Rui believed that her facial features are not up to South Korean standards. This made her use Artificial Intelligence which had some pretty darn impressive results, as her now heart-broken fans testify.

RuiCovery gained loads of fan following on Youtube by doing song covers and occasional vlogs, where she thinks her fans appreciate her talent. She also believes that her digitally created face played a significant role in gaining the desired popularity. The famous Youtuber said of having no regrets as using Deepfake technology she gained what she wanted. So she said I couldn’t care less even if some of my fans are making negative comments.

DOB Studio

RuiCovery’s interesting fake face that no one could detect earlier is the creation of DOB Studios. They specialize in making deepfake faces for clients who want to use perfect and symmetric facial features to gain success on social media.

The company’s CEO said that their technology is different from what is usually referred to as ‘Deepfake.’ While the standard artificial intelligence-based tool combines the facial features with that of someone else’s, the DOB studio entirely designs a new face from scratch. Hence, nearly impossible for anyone to detect.

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