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Watch As An Overpass Is Razed To The Ground In One Night By An Army Of Chinese Excavators

The Chinese know the best way to tackle an ageing overpass, employ an army of excavators and pull it down in one night!


Image Source: CCTV


The marathon project to bring down the entire overpass started on August 26. More than 116 excavators lined up on the either side of the two-lane overpass in the Nanchang city, East China. Once all the vehicles were in place, they methodically began hammering down the 1700-feet long overpass using the hydraulic hammer attachments.



The entire overpass was razed to the ground by nightfall. It took a mere 56 hours to remove the debris and complete the demolition.



The state-run Chines media network reported that the 24-year-old overpass could no longer handle the increasing traffic volumes and was also blocking the new subway system in Nanchang.


Image Source: CCTV


The growing trend of vehicle ownership in China has strained the transport infrastructure of the country, especially the old bridges and overpasses. Organised and well-managed demolition projects are necessary to ensure that the pace of development in the country does not slack!

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