Conspiracy Theorists Claim To See ‘Unnatural Structures’ On The Moon That NASA Is Hiding

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Another day, another story of an ‘alien assistance’ by the delusional UFO hunters. This time they have “spotted” a rising structure on the surface of the moon, and they claim that the disc-like object can be a mobile lunar base built by the aliens, Daily Mail reports.

This blatant assertion has been made by the people at the popular and controversial YouTube UFO channel SecureTeam10 who think that NASA is covering up the existence of aliens, as ironically enough, they use the pictures taken by the same agency’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter orbiting the moon for the last seven years as their “groundbreaking” evidence.

Snap from YouTube/ SecureTeam10

The UFO hunters used a series of photos by the satellite showing the “alien” disc-like object from different angles, and claim that the object appears at different points of the moon’s surface, clearly showing how it is moving around.

They also showed evidence of a disc-like object in the sky above the moon, calling it a ‘mobile alien base’ and also drew attention towards a crater on the moon in the shape of a man-made triangle having unnaturally clear edges, which now has mysteriously now gone missing.

Snap from YouTube/ SecureTeam10

The conspiracy theorists also used Google Moon, a tool similar to Google Earth, to capture the images of the surface of the moon.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told MailOnline:

‘Mysterious structures on the Moon have fascinated us for decades. One of the most striking images in the popular imagination, is the Monolith discovered by astronauts on the Moon in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Snap from YouTube/ SecureTeam10

“The images that are now being claimed as proof of artificial structures on the lunar surface are not so impressive, as they can be explained as being caused by natural structures and the way they are illuminated by the sun.’

The Youtube channel SectureTeam10 is one of the most popular ones, with over 785,000 subscribers and the team making an estimated £600 ($745) a day by posting its conspiracy videos.

Snap from YouTube/ SecureTeam10

They are not the only ones making millions by exploiting the masses, as there are tons of conspiracy channels, videos, blogs and material to be eaten up by their viewers who usually suffer from acute Pareidolia, where people tend to see faces and other items in random stimulus.

Snap from YouTube/ SecureTeam10

Pareidolia is actually a form of apophenia where people can see a pattern in random, unconnected data. This has been the case with many people belonging to religious groups or cults as well, who from time to time claim to see their deities or religious figures in random objects such as the moon, stars and the clouds.

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