University Of Michigan Unveils A 1,500 Pound Rubik’s Cube

giant rubik's cube2

It is Nerd Porn for sure!

Mechanical engineers at the University of Michigan have up-sized one of the most popular and notoriously difficult puzzle games, the Rubik’s Cube!

The seven students and alumni from the University of Michigan have teamed up to unveil a 1,500-pound Rubik’s Cube at the G.G. Brown engineering building on the Ann Arbor campus. The massive aluminum structure took almost three years to complete and is possibly the largest Rubik’s cube ever built.


Ryan Kuhn, a 22-year-old senior who assembled the giant puzzle this week said,

“It’s the largest solvable mechanical stationary Rubik’s Cube. It was kind of an urban myth of North Campus, this giant Rubik’s Cube that’s been going on for a while.”

Kuhn calls it an

“interactive mechanical art piece.”

The Rubik’s cube has been bewildering people since its inception in the 1980s, and this oversized version will be no less difficult to solve along with being more physically challenging as well.


The puzzle needs the players to manipulate the cube until all nine squares on each of its side show a single color.

Martin Harris, who was part of the project in 2014 commented while hanging out in the College of Engineering honors office,

“It’s very reasonable that it could take at least an hour”

 This one is going to take a crowbar and mallet to cheat!

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