No, Methane Bubbles Don’t Sink Ships In The Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle “mystery” has been the source of rather crazy and downright outrageous stories by the non compos mentis people! It has been part of the center of many religious and cultural folklore for decades in an attempt to explain the “disappearances of ships.” And despite being debunked for years by science,  the mythology simply refuses to go away!

One of these myths was how methane gas underneath the sea bed rises and topples the ship over and makes it sink. The University College London oceanographer and physicist Helen Czerski tries to explain how this simply isn’t possible, as although bubbles could theoretically sink ships, like proposed last year by one geophysicist – it is highly unlikely due to several factors.

In the video below, Czerski starts with how the bubbles can never grow large enough to sway the ship. She also explains that ever ship has an air tight compartment beneath it just to avoid such occurrences and make sure it doesn’t topple over.

Watch the video below to see how the bubbles theory doesn’t work, just like every other Bermuda Triangle theory.


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