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Ultramodern ZERO Personal Helicopter May Make Cars A Thing of Past


We are living in an era where our childhood fantasies seem to be turning into reality. Every now and then we see new concepts coming up and scientists in conjunction with engineers working to turn them into reality. Such is the concept of a persona aircraft, like demonstrated in the Jetson’s. What we have today for you is known as the ZERO Helicopter which has been designed by a Spanish designer; Hector Del Amo. This concept was posted on Behance and there is no information regarding it. No specifications have been given and neither any detail is given but the pictures of this concept sure present a sleek model designed for one passenger. One day, when this helicopter will become a reality, cars might become a thing of past.

We sure hope this concept gets turned into reality soon enough so that we may fly to our offices without enduring the long traffic jams.

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