Citycopter Is An Electric Helicopter Concept That May Revolutionise Personal Air Travel

City copter 2

It has been long since we have been dreaming about the flying cars. Many of us have seen the flying cars in the cartoons in our childhood, and would have wished about them becoming a reality someday.

Flying helicopter design
Scientists have been working really hard on this concept for a long time. But, Eduardo Galvani has gone a step further, and come up with a new concept of personal helicopter and it is being called the ” Fly Citycopter”.

Flying helicopterIt has a seating capacity for two people. The Citycopter design is basically a personal electric helicopter, which will give a whole new dimension to travelling large distances. The cool thing about this personal helicopter is that you do not need to have a Heli-pad for its landing. You can easily park this at your very own roof. The designer, Eduardo Galvani, thinks of a time when everyone would have a pilot license just like the driving license of our era. This means that there will be Heli-pads in every building instead of parking lots.

City copterThe only drawback of this flying helicopter design is its limited range and top speed because of it being an electric helicopter. In concept, the Citycopter will have a 300 mile range and a top speed of 120 miles per hour. There figures are not extravagant by any means, but the concept relies on the presence of many charging units across the globe. The presence of these charging units will serve the purpose of fuel pumps. This may very well mean the end of the automobiles in the future after the introduction of personal helicopter.
What are your comments about this personal helicopter concept? Is it a practical idea or not? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Rod Reply

    Contact me with regards to this design. Our IP holds the solution to performance and range abilities.

  2. Geoff Q. Reply

    My father designed rotor blades for girocopters during the 2nd world war. He died 1960, but he would have loved to see this machine, as i certainly would love to see and have one as well.
    All the very best with the future design of this brilliant invention.

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