Project Zero – The World’s First Electric Tilt-Rotor Aircraft



Today we have something quite amazing for you to check out. It’s about a flying machine that is a cross between a helicopter and a plane! An European helicopter company- Agusta Westland- came up with this idea of tilt rotor technology and has demonstrated it quite perfectly via vehicle known as Project Zero. The Project Zero isn’t just a concept folks; it has been operational since June, 2011. However, since these flights took place at Agusta Westland’s Cascina Costa facility in Italy, they are a sort of secret. So, what is so special about this vehicle? It takes off like a helicopter and then its rotors can be made to change direction by turning perpendicular and the helicopter converts to a plane. One may question if Project Zero is comparable to any helicopter or a plane, well, it’s the best combination of both.




Project Zero is electronically powered and therefore is not loud. There are no hydraulics or transmission in Project Zero. The electric generator is a reversed electric motor and rotors can recharge the batteries without being connected to the grid. There is no performance data available so far; Agusta hasn’t released any! However, the company did mention that they might be installing a diesel powered engine; the straightforward result of which is the extension in range. One will be able to cover larger distances using this diesel powered engine. For those of you who wish to use Project Zero just as a helicopter, they can remove the wing-tips and use Project Zero in its helicopter mode. Frankly speaking, this tilt rotor technology reminds us of the cartoons from old days. One is actually surprised how far we’ve come from seeing such things in only cartoons and to actually using them.  Agusta Westland is very hopeful about the success of this project that they’ve undertaken. One can’t deny that Project Zero looks promising and exciting. Who wouldn’t want to use such a vehicle? The possibilities are endless; you can save yourself from the trouble of finding a runway to land or take off. One could land on a hill, even during a windy day. We are hoping that the diesel powered engine would also boost up the speed of Project Zero. In short, Project Zero is a wonderful project and feasible one too when it comes to practicality. CEO of the founding company said; “We strongly believe in the tilt rotor concept as the future of high-speed rotorcraft flight as it offers much greater speed and range than compound helicopter technology.”



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