Ukrainian Soldiers Have Been Using A New Way To Take Out Russian Tanks – And It Is Quite Innovative

As the Russia-Ukraine war is progressing each day and so is the technology, this recent news has spurred the interest of many well-known cycling industries in this conflict. It has been revealed that Ukraine is deploying electric bikes in its war against Russia. These electric bikes have the capability to travel on rough paths and patches in a very smooth and efficient manner, thus making their way to difficult terrains. Ukrainians prefer electric bikes as they are easy to handle as compared to heavy vehicles, which consume a large amount of fuel and can travel only in certain specific areas. Thus, to carry large tanks and military equipment, electric bikes are considered flexible and operationally efficient.

High-Power E-Bikes Are Helping Ukrainians Stop Russian Invaders

It is interesting to note that the Ukrainian military has acquired these electric bikes from the “Eleek Military Stealth” company. The electric bikes of this company have a tendency to carry a load of as much as 150 lbs to war. However, the Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of EVs Market Participants Vadym Ignatov said, “The next batch of electric Banderabikes from ELEEK is going to the forefront. All the wishes of our fighters, which were detected during the combat use of the first units, were taken into account.

“And most importantly, a very important feature has been added that will allow you not to take your additional supermarkets in the raid. In addition to the already available onboard USB ports, the company’s engineers added a 220V output that will allow the use of any regular charger, “he added. On the other hand, the company named “Delfast” also talked in favor of these electric bikes, saying the company has also played a pivotal role in accommodating Ukrainian fighters with its advanced stealth technology and starring its name on the list of Ukrainian devotees.

The cruising range of these electric bikes is up to 200 miles (320 km), meaning that they can cover a distance at a speed of about 50 mph (80km/h). The founding person of “Delfast” explained the exceptional parameters of this bike in a post, “The bike was great and can really work for mobile groups.” Plans to use it for aero-driving tours and with equipment for work on “boxes” [tanks]. It was very hot out there. The guys are intact luckily. One of them got his arm caught on the edge. All in all, your bike was highly appreciated by the guys”.

Commander In Ukraine Wants Quiet Electric Bikes For His Sniper Teams

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