This New Solar Electric Car Now Has 22,000 Reservations – Because It Will Offer 1000 Miles Of Range

As per the reports from Aptera, an American start-up high-efficiency company that originated back in 2006, they have launched the production of their solar electric cars and it is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The company has already received an overwhelming number of reservations, adding up to about 22,000. As it’s a start-up-based company, it has made several attempts to introduce these vehicles into the market since its inception, but every time, the project ran into some complexities. But in 2020, Aptera made another effort to revolutionize this technology, and the plan finally worked.

The upcoming solar electric cars are launching with updated specs, having advanced battery specifications and sophisticated solar-powered technology. This efficacious three-wheeled vehicle comes with a range of 1000 miles with the existing battery. However, for smaller battery packs, it can cover a range of 250 miles, which can altogether cost around $25,900. It has been noted that as soon as it announced the launching of solar EVs, the pre-orders started continuously increasing by a whopping amount.

According to the reports published, the company received more than 7000 pre-orders for this unprecedented vehicle last year. The start-up has also obtained funding of $4 million to increase its number of vehicles, thereby expanding the market. The company’s website said, “More than 22,000 people have already reserved an Aptera, representing a potential $800,000,000 in orders.” This shows how fast this start-up is gaining momentum, and in the upcoming years, it will be able to compete in the international market as well.

Coupled with this, the company has made a deposit of $100 compulsory for all of the potential customers who give pre-orders for the vehicle. This demonstrates that they are determined and interested in receiving the orders. However, customers who use a referral code from the company would get a discount by submitting only $70 for the pre-order.

This company is receiving a good number of orders. That’s why they have decided to use this technique in order to optimize the manufacturing of their vehicles, neither less nor greater than the required amount. Thus, seeing this immense growth, we expect to see a flourishing market of electric vehicles integrated with solar power technology in the coming years.

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