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Ukrainian Drone Footage Shows A Giant Tank Graveyard In Russia

Ukrainian Drone Shows Giant Tank Graveyard In Russia

The Ukrainian military claims to have captured drone footage of a massive graveyard of Russian combat vehicles in Russia’s Belgorod region.

The Ukrainian Leleka-100 surveillance drone captured footage of hundreds of burned-out combat vehicles at a Russian army installation near the Ukrainian border.

Drone footage shows hundreds of destroyed main battle tanks, self-propelled howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles, and even air defense systems in Ukraine.

The Russian Army established this factory to refit and refurbish broken combat vehicles, according to the reports. Biryuch, a city in the Belgorod region, serves as the base. It is 7 kilometers from the Kharkiv region’s border.

The Ukrainian military has used drones to tell the world about the situation on the ground during the conflict. For example, in the early stages of the crisis, when Russia claimed that their attacks were proceeding according to plan, Ukrainian drones demonstrated how its tanks were outmaneuvering Russian convoys as they advanced toward their city.

Additionally, Ukraine made available drone footage demonstrating the devastation of its artillery strikes on Russian positions and how hovering ammunition took advantage of a Russian tank’s open head.

Russia is struggling to repair the thousands of damaged military vehicles caused by the Kremlin’s campaign in Ukraine.

According to a statement from the Oryx blog’s team of experts, Russia has lost nearly 8,000 vehicles, including 1505 tanks and 1757 infantry.

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