Footage Shows A Russian Tank Getting Hit By Landmines – And Then An Anti-Tank Projectile

A Russian tank roaming in the Donetsk region of Eastern Ukraine ran over two landmines before getting destroyed by a Ukrainian missile, The Telegraph reported.

An aerial video captured by the Ukrainian army shows two Russian soldiers miraculously walking away unhurt after two landmines, and a missile hit their tank.

The video, released by the Ukrainian 54th Mechanised Brigade on Telegram, shows drone footage of a moving tank coming under attack. The tank is seen moving in a vast field near a forest when it ran over a landmine, creating an explosion and sending a massive cloud of smoke up into the sky. When the tank started moving again, it hit another landmine, which rocked the tank and caused a blazing show.

The video then zoomed in to show two uniformed guys standing on the tank and scrambling down while a fire erupted around them. Eventually, an anti-tank guided missile shattered the Russian machine. However, the crew members survive miraculously, drone footage shows.

Videos of the incident were rapidly circulated on Twitter, notably by Rob Lee, a defence specialist and senior scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. He stated that the machine under attack was a Russian T-72B3 tank with reactive armour built-in.

The Russian military is currently attacking the region nonstop. Russian troops also shelled the Dnipropetrovsk region, according to Valentyn Reznichenko, the territory’s governor, via Telegram. He claimed the bombardment occurred near the border with the Kherson region, which is mostly under Moscow’s control.

Also, there were reports from Ukraine that overnight Russian shelling set fire to a school in the city of Kharkiv, killing a woman.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already lasted 100 days, with no end in sight to the conflict that has killed hundreds, displaced millions, and destroyed cities. Faced with rising sanctions and a fierce Ukrainian counter-offensive, Russia pushes east and south after abandoning its attack on Kyiv.

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